What is the Distribution Network?
• High turnover, high traffic Cafes & Restaurants in all the major CBD, Metro and Regional cities of Australia.
• Our distribution network at any one time, can reach approximately 200,000 customers each week, 800,000 per month and a whopping 9.6 million cups per annum.
• They are all waiting to receive your promotional cups for distribution to their clients. Let's not keep them waiting for much longer – please!

What are our Cup Campaign Lead Times?
• The end to end process can vary based on the distribution requirements but we manufacture the cups within 2-3 weeks and distribution starts rolling out in the 3rd or 4th week. It also depends upon other current campaign that may be running where there might be a crossover but we stagger the campaign to suit your requirements. • The recent acquisition of 2 new small but super quick machines, means that we are now even faster than before.

How can I be certain that the cups have actually been delivered and to which cafes or coffee lounges?
• At the conclusion of the promotion we will provide you with copies of the delivery dockets from our carrier showing to whom the cups were delivered and the number of cartons to each specific outlet. By this manner you will be guaranteed the integrity of the process.
• This way no question can then arise as to whether your cups had been distributed to all the cafes and coffee lounges mentioned.
• No questions will arise as to whether the cups and the lids have been distributed in the amounts mentioned.
• This way you will be guaranteed that the cups you have paid for have actually and in fact been delivered.