Top 10 reasons to use AdFrames advertisingadframe

1. People Like it

Several studies have shown that the majority of people have favorable opinions about bathroom advertising. Advertisements work best when they are colorful and entertaining, and most people have nothing else to occupy their minds during this otherwise boring situation.

2. Captive Audience

The appeal of a captive audience is what drives most business owners to bathroom advertising. There are few, if any, other places that allow you to deliver your message with so little distractions. Consumers will spend several minutes with your advertisement. This may not seem like a big deal until you consider most people only take three to five seconds to glance at traditional print ads.

3. Better Recall

Because people spend so much undistracted time with your message, they are able to recall your message for 60% to 78% longer than other types of advertisements.

4. Simple Way to Target a Variety of Demographics

Advertising with Ad Frames positioned at sports clubs will enable you to reach a variety of demographics. Sports attract both male and female participants and also different ethnicities, income levels and ages.

5. Corner a new Segment of the Market

Since it is an "out of the home" form of advertising, you have the possibility to reach active consumers who may miss ordinary ads. This can attract whole new groups of people to your business.

6. Inexpensive Ad Frames are a low-cost form of advertising.

Not only are they less expensive than many traditional forms of marketing, but because they work more efficiently, you get a better return on your investment.

7. Feel Good Factor

By placing your advertisement with Ad Frames, not only is your advertising dollar working for your business, but a portion is also supporting your local club or association.

8. Better Brand Recognition

Because it is so cost-effective, you can book multiple Ad Frames at a single site for maximum impact or book multiple Ad Frames at our different locations and have the potential to reach many more customers. As people continually spend undistracted time with your advertisement, they will begin to recognise your brand and understand your message. The more they know you, the more likely they are to choose your product or service.

9. It's Easy

Attracting customers shouldn't be a difficult process, and it doesn't get more straightforward than bathroom advertising.

10. It Works

The Ad Frame advertising formula is simple: connect a target audience with your ad in an uncluttered location, and watch your sales increase dramatically. Although it is simple, repeated studies have shown this method to work. There is just no other way to get such undivided attention to your brand, while giving a little something back to your local club or association.