Why Advertise with Ad Frames?adframe

Ad Frames' core focus is the placement of advertising in sports clubs and associations.
These range from swimming to football, rugby to golf and any similar associations who have club rooms and welcome our additional fundraising assistance.

Why an Ad Frame?

Ad Frames are generally placed in club changing rooms and bathrooms, areas where your advertisement has a captive audience who have very little to do but read the message in front of them for the several minutes required to dress or use the facilities.
The Ad Frame advantage to you, the advertiser, is that your message is very difficult for potential customers to avoid, unlike a television channel that can be changed or a page turned on a newspaper or magazine – your advertisement remains in front of them!
This undistracted period of time gives your potential customers plenty of opportunity to take in your advertising message and most importantly, remember it! "In a restroom for one to three minutes we own you. It's a liability to turn left or right at a urinal." – Marc Miller, president of New York-based InSite Advertising.

Who Do They Target?

Ad Frames advertising is great in this respect as sports clubs and associations attract a wide range of demographics rarely reached together. Sports clubs attract a variety of age groups, lifestyles and income ranges and in most cases clubs regularly host out-of-area visitors at their events and tournaments.


The best part about Ad Frames advertisements is that they are fairly inexpensive.
As little as $100 per month will secure your company's advertisement in an A3 size Ad Frame, or for a larger investment of around $400 per month your company's message will be displayed in an extra-large, high impact A0 size frame. Other sizing and campaign options are available on request.
The Ad Frames difference is the feel good factor of knowing your advertising dollar not only is working for your business, but a portion of your spend is also supporting your local club or association.

Not Convinced?

A survey recently conducted by Barbour & Monroe, an American based research company, concluded the following about bathroom advertising

84% of the people polled remember seeing specific ads in the washrooms

92% were able to name specific advertisers without prompting

88% recalled at least 4 selling points in the ads surveyed